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Policy and Approval request according to the protection of personal data (Government decree 196/2003). Code concerning the personal data protection by the website guarantor for personal data protection reachable through the website The policy is only meant for the company website and not for other websites that the user may access through a link.
The policy is based on Recommendation n. 2/2001 which was adopted by the European authorities on 17th May 2001 gathered in the Group according to Article 29 of Regulation n. 95/46/EU in order to identify some minimum requirements to collect on-line personal data, and particularly the conditions, timing and nature of information that data holders must give users when the they get connected to websites regardless of connection purposes.

The “holder” of data processing is Hotel Eden S.r.l. with its head office in Sirmione, Piazza Carducci, 19.

The processing connected to this website (placed "in hosting" at the company MMS Advertisement s.r.l. in San Marino - Strada degli Angariari 46 Rovereta) takes place in the company head office holder of the data processing. Data processing is arranged only by the company employees, partners or representatives for occasional maintenance. No data coming from web services is communicated or spread to any third party. The voluntarily personal data given by users is solely used for the accomplishment of the required service and is not communicated to any third party unless the data has to be communicated by law or is strictly necessary for the accomplishment of requests.
Specific aims concerning the single processing are identified in detail in the various services offered. Accordingly to single offers, users will find specific policies on the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 13 of Government decree 196/2003. In these cases the user is free to give his/her personal data in order to request the services offered. It will not be possible to obtain as much requested if data is not communicated.

Surfing data
The information systems and software procedures for the functioning of this website acquire some personal data during their ordinary work, the data is automatically transmitted by means of internet communication. It deals with information which is not collected to identify the single users but because of it users could be identified through connections with data of a third party. Among these there are IP addresses or domain names of users’s computers who connect to the site, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, time of request, method used in making request to the server, the size of the file given, the code number showing the positive or negative answer given by the server and other parameters concerning the operating system and the user’s information environment. This data is only used to collect anonymous statistical information with regards to the use of the site and to control its right functioning and are immediately deleted soon after processing. The data could be used for finding those who may be responsible of possible informatics crimes damaging the site. At this state data will not remain on the web contacts for over seven days.
Data voluntarily given by the user
The voluntary e-forwarding to the addresses marked in this site imply the following acquisition of the sender address which is necessary to meet the requests and in case of other personal data that was registered in the request. Specific summarized reports will progressively be found in the web pages for particular services on request.

A cookie is a textual element which is registered on the hard disc of a computer only after authorization. If consent is given the text will be downloaded in a small file.
Cookie have the function of diminishing web traffic or indicating when a specific site is checked. Cookies allow the web to forward information to single users. No users’ personal data is intentionally registered on the site. No cookies are used to transmit personal information, cookies which automatically disappear switching off the computer and cookies which permanently remain are also not used, that means there is no system to identify users.

Besides as much explained for surfing data, the user can give its personal data in order to request the services offered by our company. It will not be not possible to obtain as much requested if the data is not communicated.

Personal data is used with automated systems for as long as it is necessary to achieve the prefixed goals. Specific safety measures are taken to prevent data loss, misuse and non-authorized access.

Those, whose data refer to, have the right accordingly to Article 7 of Government decree n. 196/2003 to obtain at any time the confirmation of data registration or non-registration and to know their content and source, to verify their preciseness or be complemented, to be updated or corrected. Those, whose data refer to, have also the right to ask for their deletion, anonymous change or block when data is used against the law and to request their lawful non-use. Requests in accordance with Article 7 of Government decree n. 196/2003 have to be addressed to the Holder of the policy.