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In Sirmione: the Grottoes of Catullus as you have never seen them before

The marvelous archaeological site of the Grotte di Catullo is transformed when past and future are intertwined in a unique event exhibition.

An open air event where bright and immersive artistic installations are linked to the environment to relive the splendor of the Roman villa.

Sirmione, pearl of Lake Garda, with the ancient citadel, the Scaligero castle, the alleys, also houses one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Northern Italy .

These are the Grotte di Catullo , the most important archaeological example of a Roman villa from the early imperial age in the area: visiting them is an unforgettable experience. You walk for two hectares of land , overlooking the clear waters of the lake , immersed in a historic olive grove that has over 1500 trees .

If you take the boat tour around the Sirmione peninsula, the charm of this rocky spur from which ancient Roman remains emerge is unspeakable.

And now here, with a project proposed by the MAI Museum in collaboration with the regional directorate of museums of Lombardy and with the municipality of Sirmione, a new multimedia artistic event arrives, signed by the Brazilian artist and curator Vera Uberti .

With Imperial Stravaganze , contemporary art arrives on the shores of Sirmione and occupies the Grotte di Catullo after sunset (until 30 July). Multimedia installations and a new light , thanks to the design of a high-impact lighting system, enhance the entire archaeological area in an unprecedented and never before seen way.

From sunset and throughout the evening, stroll along the paths and observe the videos and contemporary art works created by Uberti for this open-air museum . The gem not to be missed: halfway through the itinerary, a huge digital triptych signed by the great David LaChapelle appears and can be visited during the evening, from 8.45pm to midnight , in a truly unique atmosphere.

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