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Facing the shores of Garda Lake, Sirmione is a "rare pearl" for its unspoilt natural beauty and the rich art, wellness and culture heritage, ideal for relaxing holidays.

From the mysterious Grotto of Catullus to the charming Castello Scaligero, from the beautiful thermal baths to the imposing medieval churches. Sirmione is an "unicum" that has enchanted the most famous artists and writers since antiquity. A really fortunate natural position, which has allowed Sirmione to shine during the various historical epochs.

The first settlements of stilt houses date back to the Bronze Age (the second millennium B.C.). In Roman times instead, it was a holiday resort for rich families. In the XII century Sirmione passed under the dominion of the Scaligers, who built the walls and the fortress.
In 1405 instead Sirmione passed under the dominion of Venice, while in 1853 it became part of the unified Kingdom of Italy. Sirmione is famous and known throughout the world for its thermal waters: the work of intubation of the waters took place at the end of the nineteenth century.

Choosing Hotel Eden for a holiday in Sirmione means being sure to live emotions difficult to forget, in a 4-star hotel, right on the lake. First of all, you will be captured by the charming magic of Garda Lake, a magic that over the centuries has been able to capture the most sensitive spirits and minds.
Catullus, the Latin poet who lived in Sirmione, the city of kisses, and fell in love with it:
"Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred.
then, another thousand, and a second hundred.
then, yet another thousand, and a hundred.
then, when we have counted up many thousands,
all together so that no one may know the number,
and become jealous when they see
how many kisses we have shared."
(87 B.C. – 54 B.C.)
Thus, wrote Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1876:
"How I would like to have my friends beside me to enjoy together the panorama that occurs before me... The wonderful Garda Lake"

Or even Herbert Lawrence, in 1912:
"...The lake is dark blue, purple and clear as a jewel. The boats go with sails cedar colour".
And yet Maria Callas... Callas lived in Sirmione with her husband Giovan Battista Meneghini.
“I am not an angel and do not pretend to be one. It is not one of my roles”
Maria Callas
(1923 -1977)
But not only.
By choosing Eden you will be surprised in discovering a design hotel that - in the pleasure of the most modern comforts - is still steeped in charm and history.
In fact here in May of 1920 stayed the famous writer Ezra Pound, who struck by the atmosphere of the hotel and by the beauty of Sirmione, thus he wrote to his friend James Joyce:
"Dear Joyce: here I am at my home. I do not know what your commitments would be or if you have the health required for the trip, but I would like you to spend a week here with me at my expense as my guest or however you say. The place is worth the trip. You have the guarantee of Catullus and myself".

Pound is right:
you will also feel at home".

Garda Lake

A small corner of paradise


A moment for ME at the Thermae & Natural SPA of Hotel Olivi

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