Garda Lake

a small corner of paradise

The Garda Lake (the ancient Benacus for the Romans, so much praised by the poet Catullus) is the largest and certainly the most characteristic of the Italian lakes: for the unmistakable blue of its waters, for the mildness of its climate, for its variegated territory.

Admirably modelled by the latest glaciation, Garda Lake offers to visitor a corner of Mediterranean paradise in the southern part, flat and embraced by the slopes of the Riviera degli Olivi, while to the north the landscape changes, dominated by the high peaks of Monte Baldo, narrowing and taking the shape of a fjord.
Thanks to these characteristics and to the sweet micro climate, the possibilities for excursions and holidays on Lake Garda starting from Sirmione are unlimited: cultural, naturalistic, food and wine, sport and fun excursions.
Lago di Garda


Desenzano is the metropolitan pole of Garda Lake, there you can find various daily trains for Verona and Venice.Desenzano is not only an ideal reference point for visiting the area, it is a beautiful historic centre, the most picturesque Venetian harbour of the lake, perfect for aperitifs, with elegant boutiques and excellent restaurants. There is a splendid castle of the 12th century, that offers a wonderful view; the mosaics of the Roman villa and the cathedral with a precious "Last Supper" of Tiepolo.

SALÒ, the chicest promenade of the lake

Situated at the bottom of a deep bay, the aspect of Salò is elegant. Combines the charm of the natural environment (we are in the Natural Park of the Alto Garda Bresciano) with the charm of history, art and style.Its promenade is certainly the most elegant and noble of the whole lake. There are several historical and liberty buildings that create a charming promenade.In the Middle Ages it was called THE MAGNIFICA PATRIA (THE MAGNIFICENT COUNTRY). And perhaps it is not a coincidence, especially in fashion.


is a mountain over 2,200 meters high, uniform, but full of unexpected twists and rain sculptures. The tops are covered with snow for many months during the year. D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), author of The lover of Lady Chatterley, in the spring of 1913 observed the mountain from Gargnano, and wrote down his impressions: "This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sun is charming on the dark turquoise waters, on the vermilion mountain and on the snow."


The estate, which also included an inn, is purchased by the humanist Agostino Brenzone in 1538 with the right, extended to the descendants of using it as an "Hosteria". It is curious the letter dated 1553 wrote by Brenzone to his friend Silvan Cattaneo (1514 - 1564), known for having toured the lake by boat in 12 days.Brenzone wanted to mathematically demonstrate his thesis that San Vigilio was the "most beautiful place of the lake, and therefore of the world." The argument is sharp: since Europe is the most beautiful place in the world, Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe, Garda Lake is the most beautiful place of Italy, Punta San Vigilio is certainly the most beautiful place in the world.
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