Public Art - The exhibition with the most beautiful panorama in the world.

Artistic exhibition in Punta Grò - Sirmione (Brescia)

From 23 July - to 31 October 2021
Hours 00:00 - 23:00

The exhibition with the most beautiful panorama in the world , curated by Lillo Marciano, was designed to promote the encounter between the beauty of the Punta Grò landscape and contemporary art, with the aim of rediscovering an ideal place to freely experience moments of creativity in the open air immersed in the most beautiful panorama in the world.
For three months Punta Grò becomes an extraordinary exhibition space: starting from the end of July, street artists will color with spray cans, stencils, stickers and billboards, remains of buildings that have survived the passage of time.
Art installations, created in harmony with the places, will complete the exhibition.
The art of graffiti, a democratization of art that starts from the New York of the 60s
arrives as far as Sirmione to strike the mind and remain in the heart!

Punta Grò, Lugana di Sirmione.
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